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Board of Directors

President - Philippe Boucher

Philippe started lending a hand to the station in 2005. In 2006, he joined the board of directors as a regular board member. Since then, he has contributed, volunteered and donated a lot of time to the station. Philippe's technical skills have been a great asset to the station over the years. Philippe has a great understanding of the needs of the station and has a strong belief in the vision and mission of the station.

Mandate: 2009 - 2010

Vice President / Secretary - Emmanuelle Gaudet

Emmanuelle joined the board of directors in 2008. Her experience with the Governing Board of Sherbrooke Elementary School (S.E.S.) is a great asset and assistance to the board. Her language skills in English and French are invaluable when it comes to translating and creating documentation for the station. She has an intensive background in the English language community and is a great believer in CJMQ's mission. She understands the importance and difficulties faced by a minority language organisation.

Mandate: 2008 - 2010

Treasurer - James Platt

James also became actively involved with CJMQ in 2005. In 2006, James also joined the board of directors. James has volunteered countless numbers of hours to the station in activities including the creation of CJMQ's website, helping with the installation of CJMQ's server and computer setup, painting of the new CJMQ offices, auditing financial records and creating financial statements, and many other projects. James has had a long standing interest in the station and even took part in some on-air shows in 2000-2001. James is very familiar with the history of the station and is an important and essential resource. James is dedicated to keeping CJMQ up and running.

Mandate: 2009 - 2011

Sam Wintle (interim member)

Sam has been actively involved with CJMQ for some time. His technical radio skills are crucial to CJMQ's continuity. He is a great asset to the station and also shares the vision of the station. Sam works for Astral Media as a radio technician and provides a strong link between a large commercial French-language station and a local, community English-language station and is proof that the two can work together hand in hand. CJMQ is very fortunate to have Sam on the board.

Mandate: 2008 - 2010

Paul Insalaco

Paul has been involved in business operations and management for over 25 years. His financial expertise and knowledge that he brings to CJMQ will be crucial in developing the means to reach the goals that the Community and Board of Directors have set. Paul's understanding of managing financial matters for large companies, will enable him to help develop the station and make it grow. Paul currently holds the position of Director General for Sodexo at Bishop's University and is active in many local committees. This association with the University and its English speaking community is just another benefit for CJMQ. Paul has a strong interpretation of the mission and vision of the station and he will continue to help make these expectations a reality in the future.

Mandate: 2009 - 2011

1 seat is currently vacant.

Non-board members present at board meetings that are special and important to CJMQ:

Station Manager - David Teasdale

David has an amateur radio license and is the key to CJMQ's success. Without David, there would literally be no station. David volunteers 150% of his time to the station. Even though he is retired, he chooses to volunteer as a full-time station manager. David is a critical asset to CJMQ. His dedication, motivation and commitment are unsurpassed. As a volunteer, David is irreplaceable. His presence at meetings is fundamental to the success of the station.

Maureen Dillon

We would like to thank Maureen for her many years of volunteer work taking minutes at our board meetings. For many years, no one was interested in being secretary for the board, so Maureen volunteered to do the job (and an excellent job she did!) So thank you very much, Maureen! Your dedication to the board will not be forgotten.

Page and database design, concept and implementation donated by:
James Platt

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CJMQ would like to thank the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec for its' financial contribution.